Pikachu 0 to death Combos Compilation - Smash Ultimate¿

AvatarNico (Pika) QP Ganon 0 to death combo

AvatarNico (ZSS) Double 0 To Death & Spike

AvatarNico (Wolf) Smash (Ritcher) Stock 2 0 To Death Combo

AvatarNico (Wolf) Smash (Ritcher) Shield Break Surprise

AvatarNico (ZSS) Arg Kevin (Dr. Mario) FootStool/Spike

AvatarNico (ZSS) Deku (Lucas)

AvatarNico (ZSS) OP 0 to death vs Quickplay Link

AvatarNico (ZSS) Lucina QP 9 To Death

AvatarNico (ZSS) Inkling QP Doble Spike

AvatarNico (ZSS) Ridley QP combo offstage

AvatarNico (ZSS) Last Stock Dair

AvatarNico (Wolf) Last Stock Wolf Flash Spike

AvatarNico (Wolf) All or Nothing Wolf Flash

AvatarNico (Wolf) 0 To Death combo